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Back to School (Photography)

Migrating from a Wet Lab to a DryLab: Insights and Strategies for Labs in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, and Holland
Schools Photography Migration from Wetlab to Drylab


If you’re considering making the switch from a Wet Lab to a DryLab, you’re not alone. Labs across the UK, Sweden, Denmark, and Holland are facing the same challenge.

To help you navigate this transition, we’ve compiled some insights and strategies based on shared experiences.

Simple, high quality printing

Whether you choose an Epson SureLab or Fujifilm Frontier DryLab, the quality difference is stark. The DryLab offers increased resolution, sharpness, and a greater colour gamut, making it an appealing choice.
Once convinced of the benefits of Dry Labs, a decision needs to be made as to when to transition to the new system and whether you can continue to provide both Wet Lab and Dry Lab outputs during the transition period. 
{One important issue is of managing customer expectations during the transition and avoiding mixed print types.}

Strategies for Migration

There are two strategies for migrating to a DryLab: individual school breakpoints or a full-system transition. Both have pros and cons, so it’s important to weigh them carefully.

Individual school breakpoints:

In this approach, both workflows operate until all schools are migrated.
This is a more incremental approach, but it requires more effort, ongoing extra costs, and there’s a possibility of mix-ups.

Full-system transition

This approach offers a cleaner break, but it requires greater care in ensuring all elements of the production process work flawlessly. 
Timing is also critical, as the transition should take place at the end of the academic year.

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Benefits of DryLabs

When making the switch to a DryLab, it’s important to highlight the benefits, which include:
  • Automated workflow, which leads to greater efficiency and throughput

  • Lower maintenance costs

  • Less reliance on specialist operators, bridging the skills gap

  • More environmentally sensitive production

  • The improved overall quality of the product

  • New product opportunities based on the machine’s capabilities, such as a larger range of media and longer print length capability for panorama and group shots

  • Higher resolution prints

  • Opportunity to offer new services, such as online ordering

  • Although DryLab printers are slower than their WetLab counterparts, they provide greater redundancy and flexibility, and it’s easy to ramp up production by adding more of the same machine or their smaller versions.

Bridging the Gap with BlueFX

Transitioning from wet labs to dry labs can be challenging, but the benefits are clear. By understanding the challenges, strategies, and benefits of making the switch, labs can navigate the process with greater confidence and success.
BlueFX can help you make that transition.
Schools Photography Migration from Wetlab to Drylab


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InsituaFX provides printing workflow solutions for retail and pro labs.